Ashwinn Krishnaswamy aka shwinnabego.

Things I do

I run an agency (though one client called us a "swat team" and I prefer that term far more) that helps launch and grow consumer brands. We specialize in branding, positioning, and building great digital experiences.

We’ve worked with brands like Eight Beer, Jambys, Muddy Bites, and Birthdate Co. We’ve also designed digital consumer products for Venmo, Amazon and Grasshopper Bank.

I'm also a co-founder of a business called Oklahoma Smokes, which makes a nicotine-free, tobacco-free cigarette alternative for smokers who want to quit. In less than two years we’ve become the fastest growing brand in the space.

Things I've done

Point was my first company, and is the fastest way to share and discuss articles. Point adds a chat layer to your browsing experience by way of a chrome extension, allowing you to have interactive conversations alongside the articles you're reading. We raised money from venture funds like Firstmark Capital, Red Sea Ventures and Ludlow Ventures. In 2.5 years we grew to 50,000+ users and had a fanatical fan base. To this day I can't say anything like it exists.
Upstate Roaming Co.
I setup a service that rented out a jeep, fully-stocked with all the equipment you need to go camping. It was a hit in NYC and I ran it for 2 summers. It was a fun time.

Things about me

I generally love exploring new business ideas, taking them from concept to launch, and growing them in unconventional ways — you can find me on twitter or email me if that's up your alley. I'm generally in NY, LA, or SLC.